The Owner & the Brand

The Owner
Greetings! I am Asheena, the owner of All Things Beeswax & More LLC. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; but reside in Georgia. I created this company because we all want a place to unwind and relax; I want to fragrance that space for you, minus the extra wax toxins. I also want to (naturally) help provide care for your skin. So, I hope you find everything you need, and enjoy what you receive.
The Brand
All Things Beeswax & More is a company that offers home and car fragrances (candles, wax melts, room/car sprays, and burner oils). All candles are made with 100% Soy wax (no additives), and all wax melts are made with 100% Beeswax. The soy wax used is one of the purest forms of soy wax. It has no additives, making it better to breathe. Beeswax has many health benefits, but he main reason it is used here, is because it is known to be a natural air purifier (when placed on a warmer/burned). Might as well fragrance your air and purify it at the same time. 
We also offer natural skin care items. These items are made with natural ingredients that contribute to helping skin conditions like excess, psoriasis, and more. Let us help you provide the love your skin deserves. 
Thank you for visiting!