All Things Beeswax & More is Recycling!!!

Return your used ATB candle jars, and save 15% off your next order. For every jar you return, you will receive a discount code . Jars must not be scratched or cracked, or broken. Lids must be returned, without scratches or burn marks, to qualify for a discount code, as well.
For every spray bottle returned, you can receive a 10% discount code. Bottles must not be scratched, cracked, broken, or missing any parts (including the inner tubing, sprayer, and sprayer cap).
Your discount code(s) will not expire, until you use it. Multiple discount codes can not be used on a single order.
Please be sure to package your return bottles and jars very well, to avoid breakage during transit.
Please verify the email you would like your discount code(s) sent to.